Alexander Wang's celebrity lookalike ad sparks debate

Alexander Wang's celebrity lookalike ad sparks debate
"Celebrity lookalikes in Alexander Wang's new ad.
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Alexander Wang's latest campaign has sparked a debate after it featured celebrity lookalikes of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, and Beyoncé.

The luxury streetwear brand just dropped its latest ad for its Ricco bag, but has captured the attention of everyone after those featured in the ad look surprisingly familiar.

The clip was shared to the Alexander Wang Instagram account, and features the lookalikes showing off the black crossbody bag to the camera. The caption reads: "100 per cent certified authentic."

Whilst the clip was meant to spark conversation on knock off fashion, the use of lookalikes seemed to override the brand's message and just put people off instead.

"Hate this so much," one user wrote.

Another wrote, "no to all of this!"

Writer Hunter Harris said she wishes she "could see the email Tree Paine will send about this." Paine is Taylor Swift's publicist.

The reason the actual celebrities being mimicked in this video, and their fans, might be upset at being associated with the brand, is because Wang has 11 allegations of sexual assault to his name.

On Twitter/X, one user said, "I hope he gets seriously sued."

"Reminder Alexander Wang has multiple sexual assault allegations," another user added.

"Not that Alexander Wang had a good reputation in the first place," a fan of Swift wrote.

Back in 2019, Ariana Grande sued Forever 21 for $10 million after using a 'lookalike' model in a social media advertisement. Grande's attorneys claimed in the lawsuit that the retailer attempted to trick customers into thinking the pop star had endorsed the brand.

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