Andrew Scott fans share their excitement over his role in a new erotic audio series

Andrew Scott fans share their excitement over his role in a new erotic audio series

Andrew Scott fans share their excitement over his role in a new erotic audio series

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Andrew Scott has landed a role in a new erotic audio series called The Queen's Guard - and fans quickly shared their delight at the news.

The series is from the erotic audio app Quinn where the All of Us Strangers star will play Robb the Protector and the story is for fans of "fantasy and historical fiction".

In the announcement video, Scott's character said: "Look at you. Look at how beautifully your body bears the marks of everything you’ve been through. I could worship every one of them.”

Scott - who gained gained prominence for his TV roles as Moriarty in Sherlock and The Priest (or as fans refer to him as "Hot Priest") in Fleabag - can be seen walking around a white thrown with a crown placed on the seat, and a sword leaned against it.

"I know a lot of you out there love a bit of fantasy and historical fiction and I think you're really going to fall in love with this story," Scott said on the project.


Replying to @Lorel Rea Now introducing… Andrew Scott as Robb the Protector. The Queen’s Guard, a Quinn Original series, hits the Quinn app on May 16, 2024.

Of course, the news of Scott's erotic audio series sparked a frenzy from fans in the comments.

One person said: "HAVE NO IDEA HOW YALL PULLED THIS OFF but to the entire Quinn team I hope you are all eternally moisturized hydrated and find the cool side of the pillow I’m going to go pass away now goodbye."

"Sherlock/ Fleabag girlies are kicking out feet rn," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "It’s the way I had to immediately pause the video to go scream into a pillow."

"The scream I scrumpt in front of my husband was not human. He completely understood. This is insane for those of us who grew up reading fanfic of this man," a fourth person commented.

Here are some of the best reactions on social media;

Previous voice actors on Quinn include You and The Haunting of Hill House star Victoria Pedretti, and Gossip Girl reboot actor Thomas Docherty.

Scott's erotic audio series The Queen's Guard, a Quinn Original series, will be available to listen on the Quinn app from May 16.

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