Andrew Tate gets savagely shut down when attempting to mock 'crypto kids'

Andrew Tate gets savagely shut down when attempting to mock 'crypto kids'
Andrew Tate splurges 'thousands' on designer goods because 'money isn't real'

Andrew Tate found himself quickly shut down after hitting out at 'crypto kids' in a recent tweet.

Tate, who was detained by Romanian authorities along with his brother back in December on suspicion of rape, human trafficking and forming an organised crime group, has been under house arrest since the start of April after winning an appeal against his detention being extended for a fourth time.

Both Andrew and Tristan Tate, who reportedly had their house arrest extended by a month to 29th May, deny the allegations against them.

It’s not stopped the self-proclaimed “Top G” from tweeting and posting videos on social media in that time.

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His most recent post saw him take aim at "Crypto Kids", which he claimed had got rich during the 2021 crypto boom, with 'no real-world skills' to speak of now there was less money in crypto.

“There is a new generation of nerds,” he wrote in a long, rambling post. “Crypto Kids who got rich in 2021 by scamming in s***coins or NFTs.

“The easy money isn’t in crypto anymore,” Tate added. “They’re 20-something and have no real-world skills, but the rent is due and their crypto fortune is shrinking.

“So, they buy a Lamborghini and some watches. Open up social media accounts and brand themselves as ‘businessmen’,” the 36-year-old went on to write.

Daniel Mihailescu/AFP via Getty Images

“They come up with some backstory about being successful in real business despite being 20 years old. Usually ‘digital marketing agency’ or some other vague bull**** that can’t be proven.

“They then try to sell YOU the secrets of how to make money. Some 25-year-old yelling at you that money is easy, Despite only making his money through the easiest time in the world to get rich by blind luck.

“Do not fall for it. Would you trust a lottery winner on business? Making money on a s***coin is no different. 10,000 s***coins failed, and a few didn’t… now this guy is an expert?”

It all seems a bit rich, considering Tate himself had previously boasting about having loads of Bugattis, and the tweet quickly attracted the attention of Billy Markus, the co-founder of Dogecoin, who hit back with a hard-hitting tweet of his own.

Referencing Tate’s “The Real World”, previously known as Hustler’s University, Markus wrote: “The easy money is in posting topless pictures and selling courses to people.”

Pretty savage.

It comes after Tate claimed he’d been poisoned after drinking coffee and water recently.

In tweets that were helpfully captured by Dexerto before they were deleted, Tate wrote: “Face swollen. Blood pressure is through the roof. Skins on fire.

Back in January he claimed he had been “attacked” by “The Matrix” amid reports of being taken to hospital.

“They misunderstand, you cannot kill an idea. Hard to kill,” his cryptic tweet read.

Tate also reportedly told his bodyguard that someone “wanted to hurt him”.

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