Andrew Tate's release from prison has a weird connection with The Matrix

Andrew Tate's release from prison has a weird connection with The Matrix
Andrew Tate paces and smokes cigar hours after house arrest release from …

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan have been released from prison in Romania and placed under house arrest after winning an appeal over their detention.

Tate's appeal was ruled in favour of by the Bucharest Court of Appeal after a judge last week extended the sibling's arrest by a further 30 days.

The controversial influencer was arrested in late December 2022 for human trafficking allegations, an investigation that is continuing. At the time Tate began talking on social media about 'The Matrix' claiming that it had "imprisoned" and "attacked him."

The 36-year-old's obsession with the 1999 sci-fi movie starring Keanu Reeves has been going on for quite a while now, with Tate claiming that certain elements of the film are true.

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In a 2022 interview he previously said: The reason I think we live in a matrix now is because I think the same thing is happening. Perhaps it’s not our body heat - perhaps it’s our work, our ideas – but they are being salvaged, and the reality they’ve given us to occupy our brains is false.

"We don’t live in the real world. We are living in a reality where we’re told stories and narratives that aren’t true, where they try very hard to distract us with garbage.”

Well, Tate might begin to question his links to the Matrix even more now as his release date of March 31st just happens to be the exact same date that the movie was released in the USA way back in 1999.

Tate supporters and well-known streamer Adin Ross tweeted out this factoid upon the influencer's release which was promptly retweeted by the man himself.

Since being released from prison, Tate has posted several tweets including a video of him pacing in his home, adding that he has experienced 'vivid pain' and that he cannot stand his phone.

Elsewhere, Tate has also been mocked on an episode of South Park which prompted another eyebrow-raising response from the former kickboxer.

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