Brie Larson backed over Johnny Depp incident as her previous treatment by Marvel fans is recalled

Brie Larson backed over Johnny Depp incident as her previous treatment by Marvel fans is recalled
Cannes Juror Brie Larson on Johnny Depp Premiering a Film at the …

Fans have called out a journalist at Cannes Film Festival who asked Brie Larson about alleged abuser Johnny Depp.

At a press conference with the festival’s film jury, Larson was asked how she ‘felt about Depp’s film [Jeanne du Barry] opening the festival’ and if she intended to watch it.

Visibly confused at the question, Larson replied: ‘you’re asking me that? I’m sorry, I don’t understand the correlation or why me specifically.’

The journalist proceeded to clarify his reasoning for asking, citing the Marvel actor’s advocacy for feminist campaigns and organisations.

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Larson replied saying she now ‘understood’ why the journalist asked that question, adding ‘well, you’ll see, I guess if I see it, and I don’t know how I’ll feel about it if I do.’

Many criticised the journalist's question, with some saying he was trying to get a ‘gotcha’ response from Larson.

Fans have quickly jumped to defend Larson’s response, citing the horrific misogynistic abuse she’s faced as an actress, especially in her role as Captain Marvel across the MCU franchise.

As Captain Marvel, Larson received an influx of sexist abuse for her role, and criticism from many male Marvel fans. At the time, many of her fans called out her Marvel co-workers for not publicly coming to her defense as they previously had for actors such as Chris Pratt.

On Twitter fans have shown support for Larson, saying she doesn’t owe anyone an answer considering the public treatment she’s faced in recent years.

Whilst some continued to denounce Larson, it’s clear that others are attempting to change how women are treated in the film and TV industry by fans, pushing back on misogynistic hate campaigns.

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