Chet Hanks gets little sympathy for saying he didn't have a 'strong male role model' as a child

Chet Hanks gets little sympathy for saying he didn't have a 'strong male role model' as a child
Chet Hanks rants against vaccines despite father Tom Hanks and mother Rita ...
Chet Hanks

Chet Hanks has raised eyebrows after saying he “didn't have a strong male role model” as a child – and he doesn’t seem to be getting much sympathy online.

The actor, who is the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, spoke during the latest episode of his YouTube channel Hanx Fit.

After discussing the criticism he’s faced for being “arrogant, entitled and spoiled”, the 31-year-old said he “didn’t have a strong male role model to tell me ‘bro, f*** these people, they are just jealous of you’.”

“You have all these things that they want, so they are trying to f****** throw their shade at you so you can feel s***** about yourself because they are jealous,” he added.

The Truth About Growing Up As A HanksChet Hanks

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If you're unfamiliar with his acting work, the chances are you may have heard of Chet following a string of backlashes to his past actions online.

The Entourage star previously drew ridicule for declaring a “white boy summer” in 2021. He also came in for criticism for speaking on several occasions in Patois, as well as ranting against vaccines.

Following his latest comments, people weren’t exactly rushing to offer sympathy – especially given the privilege Chet has enjoyed during his life.

After all, who wouldn't want Tom Hanks for a dad?

Chet said that he faced a lot of resentment for being a boy whose father was a famous actor, while acknowledging that he loved his parents.

“There’s a lot of advantages [of being a celebrity kid], but sometimes it can be pretty weird,” he said. “I got to do a lot of cool s*** that a lot of people don’t get the opportunity to do.”

“I got to travel the world, stay in nice hotels, fly on private planes, and I’m very blessed for that. I wouldn’t change my situation,” he added.

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