Man asks if it's OK to exclude his daughters from his gay sister's wedding and people have thoughts

Taking children to a wedding is not the easiest endeavour that a person will ever undertake but they have as much right to be there as anyone else, no matter who is tying the knot.

However, a man whose sister is gay felt that it was inappropriate for his children to attend their aunt's wedding as he and his wife have resisted telling their offspring that the two women who are getting married are romantically involved, as he believes homosexuality is against God's word.

Perhaps, with conscience eating away at him, he took to the notorious subreddit Am I The A**hole to gauge their opinions on the subject, but first went into great detail about the issue at hand, which is really all of his own making.

Let's just say that his fellow Reddit users were quick to give him a few lessons from the Bible about tolerance and acceptance.

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