CNN actually thinks it's found the latest reason why women are joining Isis: 'Jihotties'

After kittens and Nutella, CNN think they've found the latest reason why women are going to Syria to join Isis: jihotties.

Image via the cached Bird of Jannah blog

The story is focused on a blog written by the 'Bird of Jannah' who says she is a doctor from Malaysia who went to Raqqa to join the jihadi movement in 2014.

The woman, who calls herself Sham, writes about life in the caliphate and what it was like taking part in an arranged marriage.

Analysts say this blog is a recruitment tool for Isis, targeting mostly women, in a style.

But the real draw, the CNN story says, is the promise of a 'jihottie' husband like Sham landed.

Image via the cached Bird of Jannah blog

'Jihotties' refers to men who are displaying the masculinity, what heroes they are and how amazing they are as good Muslim men who are brave and are willing to fight.

While there's obviously some truth in the idea that Isis sells a vision of a perfect romantic future to encourage people to leave home, several people are pointing out the term 'jihotties' is a bit, umm, simplistic.

Which other female stereotype will Isis use, and CNN report on, next?

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