Fox & Friends diner guest perfectly explains why the US wealth gap is 'deplorable'

Fox & Friends diner guest perfectly explains why the US wealth gap is 'deplorable'
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In the wake of the Democratic candidates’ debate, Fox & Friends took to an Ohio diner to gauge voters’ reactions.

Little did host Pete Hegseth know he would receive a lesson on wealth inequality from a retired man named Bill, over a plate of what appear to be meat-filled pancakes.

Discussing Elizabeth Warren’s proposals to raise taxes on the rich, Bill said:

I think she makes a lot of sense. You know, when she brought up that billionaires and taxing them after about $50m, two cents of every dollar that they’ve made after, it’s nothing to them, and it would help so many people here.

I mean, we could build our infrastructure, the schools, colleges — we could do so [much] with that,” 

These 3 percent of the people that we have that own almost half of what we are worth in the United States is just deplorable.

Hegseth asked his thoughts on the exhaustingly familiar argument that increasing taxes on the rich would drive the super-wealthy out of the country, to which Bill replied, drawing on decades of experience:

It seems to me like — if I remember correctly — back in the 1960s and 1970s, that if you were a millionaire, your taxes were awfully high.

I think it was in that range 50, 60, 70  per cent — nobody bitched about it then, still made lots of billionaires.

I think once you get past a couple of million dollars, you got all the money you need. How about giving some of that to the people who worked for a living that can’t make it?

Bill does remember correctly, according to the Bradford Tax Institute (BTI).

After WWII, the top federal tax rate (affecting incomes of over $200,000) was raised to 94 per cent, and never dipped below 70 per cent until the 1980s, at which point it was slashed to 50 per cent. It now sits at 40.8 per cent, according to BTI.

People were delighted with Bill's sensible response.

Others were merely relieved.

Some were of course amused that it happened on a Fox programme ... a news network arguably best known abroad as a former Trump mouthpiece and purveyor of racism and communist-fearing hysteria.

The segment raised other important questions...which were swiftly answered

While Bill's companion, Adam, raised the profile of a lesser-known candidate Julian Castro, who had been with Adam the previous day to visit a woman under threat of deportation taking refuge in a church.

Boasting humane policy ideas for immigration, Castro also was the candidate who pointed out that gun violence and police violence are intertwined during the debate.

While it's highly unlikely Castro will get the nomination this time around, he could be one to watch for the future ... so long as third-term Trump doesn't elect himself supreme leader before then.

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