Dolly Parton doesn't text because 'it's too much to think about'

Dolly Parton doesn't text because 'it's too much to think about'
Dolly Parton: 'I'm a low-tech girl'
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Dolly Parton has been in the news recently for multiple reasons.

Her new album Rockstar is the number-one in the US - the first number-one album of her career. She also stirred some conservatives over the outfit she wore at the NFL halftime show, which some suggested was inappropriate for her age.

But now, she's going viral for sharing that she doesn't text. And honestly, same.

Speaking to Drew Barrymore, the country star said "I don't want to talk to everybody that wants to talk to me. I don't text 'cause I don't want to have to answer."

"If somebody calls me, I'll answer it if I want to talk to them or I'll call them back when I can," she continued. "Otherwise, I've got too much on to think about than to clutter my mind up with everything else."

She clarified that she's "not a stupid person" and that if she really wanted to text she could "learn".

"I'd rather just have my fax machine and [they can] call in creative stuff to my crew. I just don't have time to sit with a phone in my face all day."

And she might have a point.

Psychotherapist Maggie Mulqueen wrote for NBC that texting, although offering us a higher quantity of interaction, actually decreases the quality of relationships.

"Texting breeds not just grammar and spelling illiteracy but, more importantly, emotional illiteracy as well," Mulqueen wrote.

So maybe we should all try to be a bit more like Dolly Parton.

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