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Donald Trump's habit of venting any and all of his frustrations on social media has backfired. Again.

The US President lashed out on Twitter on Tuesday at a women who accused him of sexual assault.

Trump appears to be referring to Rachel Crooks, one of the 19 woman who has come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against him.

A Washington Post feature about Crooks, who alleges that Trump kissed her against her will, detailed how she refused to be silenced and continued to draw attention to all the allegations levelled at Trump

Some people think Trump's efforts to convince people of his innocence just made him look even creepier.

When you say you would never improperly kiss a woman in full view of "live security cameras", it kind of sounds like your only sticking point is getting caught.

Others pointed out that Trump is exactly the kind of person to be recorded doing this.

As if any of us needed reminding, Trump was infamously recorded bragging about groping women.

This comes just days after Crooks announced she will run for state representative in Ohio as a Democrat.

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