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Stephen King has suggested that President Donald Trump's choice of GIFs shows he has a 'severely f***ed-up mind'.

Prior to his speech to the UN General Assembly, the oddest thing that President Trump had done this week was retweeting a series of GIFs.

On Sunday, the President went on something of a retweet binge, and among others he reshared this GIF to his 38.7 million followers.

The GIF cut together different clips to make it appear a golf ball hit by Donald Trump had struck his former election opponent Hillary Clinton.

The horror writer Stephen King has created many aggressive and violent characters, such as Jack Torrence, Pennywise, Annie Wilkes, and, Cujo.

On the same day, King shared his assessment of the President's mind.

King has been vocal in his criticism of the President, and in June was blocked by the @realDonaldTrump account.

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