You can now get flip flops with Trump tweets on them because why not


Donald Trump loves a u-turn. It's no secret.

He's u-turned on investigating Hillary Clinton, building a wall, climate change, LGBT rights, condemning neo-nazis, the Electoral College, Syria, anonymous sources, nuclear weapons, and to be honest we're all losing track a little.

He's the political king of flip flops.

So someone thought they should formalise the whole process and begin marketing Presidential flip flops.

To be honest, they're absolutely genius.

People can't get enough of them:

And yes, you can actually buy them, for $30. Currently there are only "Syria", "Electoral College", and "Sources" editions. But expect many more in the future (we've got some material if they need help).

Current limitations are that they only seem available in sizes 7-12 and shipping is only currently available to those in the United States.

Sam Morrison, the creator of President Flip Flops, told indy100:

I'm a creative in the advertising industry, so I'm always looking for fun or funny side projects to work on.

I had always seen the President's contradicting tweets on Twitter and wanted a way to visualize it.

I came up with the the idea and made a quick photoshop mockup that I was just going to share with friends on twitter.

But right before I sent the tweet I realized it would be so much better to just make the actual product.

So which is his favourite?

My favourite is the Electoral College Edition. It's such a stark and telling contradiction.

People seem to be liking that one the most!

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