What maths symbols are left for Ed Sheeran to use?

What maths symbols are left for Ed Sheeran to use?
Ed Sheeran returns to Instagram after social media break

Ed Sheeran has recently announced his latest album "Subtract" (or "-") which will be released later this year on May 5th.

This will be the British singer-songwriter's fifth studio album that has a maths symbol for its title.

It all started back in 2011 when Sheeran's debut record was called "+" ("Plus") followed by his sophomore album "x" ("Multiply") in 2014, and the theme continued into 2017 with the release of "÷ ("Divide"), with his last album from 2021 being titled "=" ("Equals").

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While Sheeran has used all of the most recognisable math symbols, it remains to be seen if he will continue this theme after the release of "-" ("Subtract").

Here are some more... let's say alternative, or overlooked symbols used in maths that are left for the musician to use for future projects:

π (or "pi" or 3.1415926...)

We all learned it in school - but how many of us actually use pi?

Well, Ed Sheeran naming an album "π" would certainly be one way to get everyone to remember the first few digits of this mathematical constant - which is 3.14159265359...

The symbol would also look good on an album cover.

% ("Percent")

Or perhaps the percent sign (%) could be a potential option, it's already been used by South Korean girl group Apink who released an EP with this title back in 2019.

£ ("Pound" or "Sterling")

Sheeran is British and is one of the biggest artists to ever come from these isles so there's no better way to represent this than by making the pound sign an album title.

With Sheeran's net worth estimated to be £260m, according to the Sunday Times 2022 Rich List, it can also be a way to flex the huge amount of money he makes from his music.

> ("Greater than") < ("Less than")

Maybe a two-album project or an A-side and B-side with these symbols, for Sheeran to take listeners on an emotional journey because the meanings of these simple maths symbols suddenly sound pretty deep when thought about as titles in music - or is it just us?

≠ ("Not equal")

Perhaps a sequel to Sheeran's latest album "-" ("Equals"), which could be more rebellious or experimental record - he's known for his hybrid pop and R&B sound.

An added bonus is that it's a striking visual.

√ ("Square root")

It looks cool *tick* and with root in the name, Sheeran's music can be all about going back to his roots.

("Decimal point")

Simple, classic, understated and an important symbol in maths - enough said.

∞ ("Infinity")

Choosing the infinity symbol for an Ed Sheeran album would make a statement - after all infinity means to be limitless.

Infinity also gets extra points simply for being an iconic and instantly recognisable symbol.

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