Elon Musk warns that 'civilization is at stake' amid global conflicts

Elon Musk warns that 'civilization is at stake' amid global conflicts
Elon Musk’s X Is Accused of Helping Spread Misinformation About the War …
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Elon Musk thinks we might be on the precipice of another world war, following a discussion on X/Twitter on 23 October.

The billionaire owner of the social media platform warned that the United States is “sleepwalking into World War III” and that “civilization itself may be at stake”.

Musk said US foreign policy right now should be preventing a situation of “a regional conflict rapidly becoming a global conflict”.

The Tesla owner’s comments come amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the Israel-Hamas conflict. However, he was referring more specifically to the growing relationship between Russia and China.

Should that continue to blossom, it could spell disaster for the US, and that Russia, with its “abundance in raw materials, and China, with its phenomenal industrial capacity” are a formidable duo.

Musk added that US foreign policy has been about “forcing Russia to ally with Iran and China” for a number of years, and that it should “figure out” a road towards peace in Ukraine and “resume normal relations with Russia.”

The discussion also featured Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who has previously expressed isolationist, some argue pro-Russia, views on the Ukraine war.

He argued last year that the US should force Ukraine to cede much of the territory taken by Russia in the eastern part of the country, in return for president Vladimir Putin cutting military ties with China.

On 23 October, Musk appeared to echo that view, suggesting that the present lines of control should be established as a ceasefire line or permanent border.

Musk came under fire in September, when excerpts of a new biography published in the Washington Post said he had denied Ukraine access to his starlink satellite service for an offensive against Russia in Crimea last year.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, Starlink has provided internet to Ukrainian civilians and its military. Musk has since signed a contract with the Pentagon, which pays for Ukraine’s use of the service.

He said of the cut in service: “If I had agreed to their request, then SpaceX would be explicitly complicit in a major act of war and conflict escalation.”

Musk added: “Starlink was not meant to be involved in wars. It was so people can watch Netflix and chill and get online for school and do good peaceful things, not drone strikes.”

Days later, Putin praised Musk as a “talented businessman.”

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