Frankie Boyle has suggested some alternatives to the national anthem

(Picture: Rex
(Picture: Rex

Another week, another thing people apparently can't cope with.

This week it was claims that David Cameron did something bad to a dead pig while at university, but only a matter of days ago it was Jeremy Corbyn not singing the national anthem at a Battle of Britain commemoration event.

But should we really have lost our collective minds to the extent we evidently did? Obviously the answer is 'no'. In an excellent article for the Guardian's Comment is Free that has been getting plaudits online, Frankie Boyle writes: "Surely if the Battle of Britain was fought for anything, it was so that we wouldn’t be forced to sing songs about a German?"

The comedian goes on to suggest some alternatives for the national anthem:

I’m sure a lot of people at that function would have rather not sung God Save the Queen, as a high proportion of them are satanists. Personally, I’d much rather see the Bare Necessities as our national anthem. It would be a churlish political leader who refused to sing that. The prime minister getting stuck on 'Don’t pick the prickly pear by the paw', and the leader of the opposition joining in to help him out – what a great country we would be then. Or maybe we should commission a new song that is just the word 'sorry' in every language of the world.

We can't see Corbyn objecting to those...

Read the full Guardian article here.

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