Greta Thunberg says Andrew Tate feels "threatened" by people like her

Greta Thunberg says Andrew Tate feels "threatened" by people like her
Greta Thunberg says Andrew Tate feels 'threatened' by people like her

Greta Thunberg has publicly addressed her feud with the controversial influencer Andrew Tate, claiming that people like him feel threatened by people like herself and other environmental activists.

The Swedish climate activist got into a viral spat with Tate at the tail end of 2022 after the former kickboxer attempted to mock the 20-year-old on Twitter by bragging about the "enormous emissions" from his huge collection of cars.

Given Thunberg's history of witty replies and expert trolling on Twitter, it wasn't long before she soon replied with what is now one of the most popular tweets of all time where she mocked Tate's "small d**k energy."

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Now in an appearance on The View, she was asked by host Ana Navarro: "Why are awful people like him so triggered by you?"

In response, Thunberg gave a thoughtful answer as to why people like Tate feel the need to mock her on social media.

She said: "I don’t know. You would think that those kinds of people could [be] better off using their time in some other way. There are many problems in the world that we need people dealing with, but it feels like they feel so threatened or they feel like their worldview is so threatened by people like me, climate activists and environmental activists, speaking up that they feel like they need to silence us and mock us."

Thunberg also added: "That should be seen as a positive sign because that means that we are actually having an impact. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be spending their time trolling us online."

Fellow host Sunny Hostin, said in reply: "It means you’re getting into good trouble as the late John Lewis would say."

Tate is currently being held in a Romanian jail on human trafficking and assault charges. He was arrested by Romanian authorities shortly after the spat with Thunberg, leading many to believe that he had given his location away thanks to pizza boxes that were seen in his video response to the Swede.

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