Here is a conspiracy theory that might be the only explanation for Owen Smith

Here is a conspiracy theory that might be the only explanation for Owen Smith

It can be the only explanation.

A new poll by Survation this week found a 48-point gap in the favourability ratings of prime minister Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn - still, that was at least an improvement on the 64 point gap last week.

Widely hated by the Parliamentary Labour Party and clearly not liked by the electorate at large, Corbyn still looks destined to win the leadership election owing to his support among party members.

Nevertheless, it's becoming increasingly clear that there's not much choice anyway.

His rival Owen Smith has led a campaign that could be summarised as "gaffe after gaffe after gaffe".

In fact, if you look up a definition of "gaffe-prone" in the dictionary you'll probably find this picture:

Smith's latest controversy follows comments he made about his wife in an interview with the Mirror:

Speaking of his time at school, Smith said:

Yes, 1,200 boys, three girls and I pulled Liz. So I must have something going on. That must be leadership.


It didn't go down particularly well...

At all...

And it's not the first weird thing he's said recently...

He dismissed this as "banter":

Then there was this:

And this a few years ago:

So gaffe-prone has Smith's campaign become that people have started to wonder whether he's a Corbyn sleeper agent out to make the Labour leader look good.

Which sort of makes sense.

It can be the only explanation.

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