Big game hunter raises £3,000 for animal conservation after week on OnlyFans
Michaela Fialova

OnlyFans is most commonly associated with sex work, but one user has recently decided to use it for a rather different purpose.

Michaela Fiavola, a big game hunter from Czech Republic, has raised £3,000 for animal conservation projects in one week by charging people for images of herself.

She told LadBible that the outcome was “mind blowing”, adding: “I was over the moon that I was finally able to donate money to my reservation.

“Now, I plan to continue uploading as much content as possible so that I’m able to fund the veterinary care for animals in need.”

Fiavola added that she only hunts certain animals to ease pressures of overpopulation which she said leads to competition over water and food. Responding to critics she told the title: “My message to anyone who doesn’t like my hunting or OnlyFans, is that you can hate me if you wish, but I’m doing all I can to protect our wildlife.”

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And she is not the only person using OnlyFans for good.

Love Island’s Dr Alex George signed up to the subscription site last month to raise awareness and funds for mental health.

Posting on Instagram, he said: “My aim is to share wellbeing and self-care advice on all platforms, making trusted and engaging content available online.

Seems like the app is no one trick pony.

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