Iain Duncan Smith rocked up to Brexit talks in a convertible sports car and the internet couldn't handle it

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As rumours of a cabinet coup against prime minister Theresa May began to gather pace, Britain’s leader invited a group of politicians to crucial Brexit talks over the weekend.

The meetings were held in Chequers, the prime minister’s official country residence located near the village of Ellesborough in Buckinghamshire.

One of the attendees was Iain Duncan Smith, a Brexiteer who was once the leader of the Conservative party. Smith, whose career highlights include claiming a £39 breakfast on expenses after saying he could survive on £7 a day, has often attempted to paint himself as a “man of the people” who has the nation’s interests at heart.

Though his entrance to Chequers was, err, slightly unorthodox.

The MP arrived in a sports car with the top down. Because nothing says “relatable” more than that, right?

Naturally, given the ridiculousness of this image, people had a field day on Twitter. Particularly seeing as IDS is known as the architect of the Conservatives’ welfare cuts and Brexiteers often characterise Remainers as "elites".

There was even a caption competition...

Which produced some hilarious responses...

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