Ice Spice defended from trolls after picture of rapper without make-up goes viral

Ice Spice defended from trolls after picture of rapper without make-up goes viral
How Ice Spice Took the Internet by Storm and Caught Drake's Eye
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Rapper Ice Spice has been defended by fans after a picture of her without make-up went viral online sparking nasty comments.

The New York rapper has had quite the year, featuring on the Barbie soundtrack alongside rap veteran Nicki Minaj and having her very own Chia Pet for fans to grow the star at home.

Unfortunately, with success, comes trolls, and they came out in full force after a picture of Ice Spice wearing pink hair without make-up was shared online sparking discussions about her appearance.

In the picture, Ice Spice can be seen wearing straight pink hair and taking a selfie of herself while wearing no make-up.

The picture isn’t dated so it’s difficult to know when it was taken. But, most recently, she has been known to wear her signature short orange curls, or some variation of that. On her Instagram, the last image of her wearing straight pink hair was posted in 2021.

After being shared by Daily Loud, the post has been viewed 20 million times and drawn several thousand comments and reposts.

One person commented: “Imagine if we could normalize non-make-up photos and just accept people for who they are.”

Another wrote: “Nothing wrong here. That’s how an actual woman looks like without filter and makeup.”

Some of the replies were less than kind, but others had thoughts on where those comments were coming from.

“The replies to this make me realise how many of y’all have never actually been with a girl,” one X/Twitter user argued.

Someone else mocked: “Men when they realize women don't grow seven-foot-long jet-black eyelashes and aren't born with pink eyeshadow.”

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