Lip readers reveal what Jennifer Lopez said to Ben Affleck during grumpy Grammys appearance

Ben Affleck appears to look bored at the Grammys

After footage of Ben Affleck looking unenthusiastic at the Grammy Awards on Sunday went viral - another clip emerged showing Jennifer Lopez and him having a bit of a tense exchange during the ceremony.

Now, a lip reader has decoded what the "Love Don't Cost a Thing" singer.

The couple exchanged words just as Trevor Noah was seated next to them, doing a comedy bit where he pretended to call his mom to tell her about the awards show.

In a video, Affleck leans over to whisper something in Lopez's ear, and she immediately jerks backwards and says something serious to him.

Soon after, Lopez turned to look at the camera, realising all eyes were on them and continued to chuckle at Noah's joke.

A lot of what was being said between the two had people in a frenzy, but an unidentified lip reader who was commissioned by the Daily Mail unveiled what was said between the pair.

Lopez said: "Stop. Look more friendly. Look motivated."

And Affleck apparently replied with: "I might."

Nearly every time the camera cut to him and his wife, he appeared less than thrilled to be there.

Someone could have been presenting an award or giving a stellar performance, and Affleck seemed like he would rather be at Dunkin'.

Naturally, he became the brunt of jokes on social media.

One person on Twitter wrote: "Watching Ben Affleck be miserable with JLo is way more entertaining than any movie he's been in."

"JLo needs to start leaving Ben Affleck at the house. He is not having fun, and he's killing the vibe," another quipped.

A third came up with a dialogue of their own as to what they assumed the couple said and wrote:

"Ben Affleck: 'I can't believe she just dumped my top-shelf vodka into the centerpiece!"

"JLO: 'I can't believe he thought I wouldn't smell that s***!'"

Overall, it seems Lopez still had a great time with her husband, taking to Instagram to share a video of them being affectionate.

"Always the best time with my love, my husband," she captioned the video.

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