Jerry Seinfeld calls the AI version of Seinfeld 'crap'

Jerry Seinfeld calls the AI version of Seinfeld 'crap'
Chatting with artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT

"Nothing, Forever," an AI version of the legendary American television sitcomSeinfeld has made waves on Twitch, captivating viewers.

The nonsensical yet oddly gripping version of the former NBC show airs continuously on the streaming platform.

Despite people being hooked on the show, comedian Jerry Seinfeld himself is not all that impressed with the tech, calling it "crap."

According to ScreenRant, a since-deleted Twitter video uploaded by the account Evilest_Guy, showed Seinfeld performing a comedy stand-up while speaking about the AI Seinfeld.

The comedian was spotted communicating with a fan in the crowd who asked him about the infinite stream, which he wasn't aware of before the show.

Seinfeld then took to mocking the stream calling it "AI crap." He also felt that the show couldn't compare to him and his writer's room.

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"It's a series, right? Well, that's great because 180 episodes is not nearly enough; let's make it 180 million! " he said before asking if the show writes new content and if new things occur,

"Oh wow, do they make sense? No, it's AI crap," he added.

Seinfeld continued: "AI, I'm not worried about AI because it'll make it smarter and smarter, but to do this, you have to be dumber."

"Nothing, Forever" was created by Skylar Hartle and Brian Habersberger, and they used technologies like cloud services, algorithms, and machine learning. The dialogue between the A.I. Seinfeld characters also comes from OpenAI's GPT-3.

As a result, the characters often appeared to not look at each other as they spoke, and when they talked, they rarely made sense.

However, some people online say the AI show has become smarter and more "self-aware."

AI is programmed to adapt and develop new content, so the script may become more cognizant until the characters are aware they are no longer real.

The Seinfeld official Twitter has acknowledged the AI version of the show and tweeted a link for people to stream it on Twitch.

"The robots are coming... and not just robot butchers," the account tweeted on 1 February.

It seems pretty safe to say that "Nothing, Forever" could be a sign of what's to come in the AI show business.

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