Jordan Peterson says you're a sadistic narcissist if you use these two words

Jordan Peterson says you're a sadistic narcissist if you use these two words
Controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson ordered to undergo media training over tweets

There are many colorful words that can be used when someone is trying to get across a hateful message, and controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson is pointing out two unexpected ones.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Peterson, 60, responded to a Twitter thread that analysed the linguistics in incel and right-wing communities online.

Posted by Twitter user @datepsych, the thread used data from the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism to find that the communities found many of the groups adversely responded to words like “women,” “chick,” “girl,” and “female.”

But in some communities like the men’s rights activists and pick-up artists, words like “bro” and “dude” were adversaries.

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And it seemsPeterson agrees that those two words are massive red flags.

“My experience online has suggested to me that those who habitually use ‘dude’ and ‘bro’ are the derisive, narcissistic Machiavellian, sadistic trolls,” Peterson responded.

According to the Canadian psychologist, the worst kind of people on the Earth are the ones who often use "bro" and "dude" when speaking.

He went on to add that other phrases like "LOL" and "LMFAO" are included in that group of people.

It's worth noting that the slang terms "bro" and "dude" are highly associated with younger demographics like Millennials and Gen Z. It could mean Peterson faces more criticisms from younger people online, leading him to believe these people are "sadistic trolls."

The clinical psychologist often is criticised for sharing his opinions on Twitter which are often aligned with right-leaning views.

He was recently asked to complete mandatory social media training or risk losing his psychologist license due to his use of social media.

And as for his conclusion that "bro" and "dude" were some of the worst linguistics, people disagreed with Peterson's hot take.

Of course, some took the opportunity to mock Peterson.

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