Adam Scotti/Prime Minister's Office/Handout

As we all well know by now, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau loves the spotlight, especially if it falls upon a kayak.

His photographer, Adam Scotti, has not helped him quash this reputation.

On Saturday, Scotti tweeted a photo of Trudeau approaching newlyweds in his kayak to say hello.

The Prime Minister had been Kayaking in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve near Victoria.

The boat approached the Prime Minister, so Trudeau paddled towards it.

Just paddling up to a bride and groom, as you do. Say hi.

And pose for photos.

And kiss the bride.

He's a living meme, isn't he?

Bride Michelle Gruetzner said Trudeau remarked:

I’m not going to take my shirt off this time.

Twitter loved it:

People also noticed the cheeky kiss:

Absolutely classic Trudeau.

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