Kai Cenat faces fan who snuck past security to get to his house

Kai Cenat faces fan who snuck past security to get to his house
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Kai Cenat came face-to-face with a fan who managed to sneak their way onto the streamer's property and the interaction occurred during a livestream.

The 22-year-old is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch and recently Cenat teamed up with MrBeast to pull a prank on viewers by creating a replica version of his streaming room to explode with fireworks.

But that wasn't all of the drama that unfolded as, during a July 4 stream, an unexpected visitor rocked up to his house.

To begin with, Cenat and his crew were outside playing basketball while also chatting with viewers and the creator then walked to another area of his home in the dark on his own when he spotted the stranger.

This man then approached Cenat, and they both spoke while standing side of the house next to cars which is when the guy claimed he was invited by Fanum.

However, Cenat was not convinced as he replied: "No you didn't, you're lying," and ordered the fan to get off his property.

"What if I didn’t walk up right there? How the f*** does security even do that? I hate this s*** bro, like oh my god, that s*** is so annoying,” he added, and criticized his security detail.

“Like, how was he even halfway?”

Clearly upset and alarmed by what had just happened, Cenat said: "Nah bruh, let me get my gun," as he reached into his car.

Though following this incident, Cenat's stream continued on as normal.

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