Kanye West compares himself to 'God' in controversial new interview

Kanye West compares himself to 'God' in controversial new interview
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Kanye West has sparked fresh controversy after comparing himself to 'God' and admitting to having 'issues with Jesus' in a new interview with Big Boy TV.

West, now known as Ye, appeared alongside recent collaborator Ty Dolla Sign in the 80-minute interview with the legendary radio host to discuss their joint album Vultures 1.

Amongst the many topics they discussed one of the biggest talking points has been West's comments on religion. The rapper has fully embraced religion in the past few years, most notably on past albums Donda and Jesus is King.

However, in the interview West claims that he's had his "issues with Jesus" adding, "There's a lot of stuff I went through that I prayed and I ain't see Jesus show up."

West continued, "The main thing that really that I don't rock with is it's just always like, 'I'mma pray for you.' And it's just like, you can actually physically do something yourself too, more than just pray. We're so in this mentality that that's all that needs to happen but we ain't praying our way out of prison. We ain't praying our way out the abortion clinics. We ain't praying our way to get our land back that was always ours after gentrification, after the Harlem Renaissance and Black Wall Street was burned to the ground. Them prayers ain't working."

Later in the interview West talks about how the music industry treats its artists. When asked by Big Boy how he managed to avoid disappearing, West said: 'Cause I'm God. And anyone who wants to disagree, I'm the God of me. You can't tell me who I am. I can't tell y'all. I could tell y'all. It's your job to listen. I'm the God of me. I don't know if I'm in heaven already."

The 46-year-old's comments have been strongly condemned. YouTuber Nick Jones claimed that after watching the interview he is convinced West is "not a Christian" and that he had "lost sight in the hope that we have in Jesus Christ."

On X/Twitter one user wrote: "At first I thought people was just chatting but Kanye really does think he’s God. Everyone isn’t going just blindly follow and like everything you do bro."

Another said: "Yeaaa… After Watching That #Kanye Interview He Is NOT Christian… To Say Why Should He Fear The Lord When Bible Clearly Says: Proverbs: 9:10-12 The fear of the LORD is the BEGINNING of KNOWLEDGE but FOOLS Despise Wisdom and instruction. Clearly He’s NOT Obeying God’s Word.."

Elsewhere in the interview, West opened up on the influence his 10-year-old daughter North has had on him and claimed that he "invented every style of music of the past 20 years."

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