The reason why Kate Middleton never wears red nail varnish

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Everyone knows Kate Middleton is a bit of a fashion icon, but it turns out her style doesn't reach all the way from tip to toe.

You'll never see the Duchess of Cambridge with coloured nails - she chooses to use nude or natural shades instead.

What will Middleton mimics do when confronted with choosing a bright new nail colour?

Not even sleuthing through her past will bring any joy. Middleton has only been photographed once with a manicure, pulling out all the stops on her wedding day.

She didn't even wear nail polish to announce her engagement to Prince William in 2010:

Picture:Picture: Getty Images / Chris Jackson / Staff 

Blame the Queen, at least according to Marie Claire.

Apparently the Royal dress code strictly forbids bright nail colours.

But for some reason it does allow for absolutely insane hats à la Princess Beatrice.

Maybe she got away with it because it's nude colour.

HT Marie Claire

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