Wait, did Keith Olbermann just soft-launch news that he once dated Kyrsten Sinema?

Wait, did Keith Olbermann just soft-launch news that he once dated Kyrsten Sinema?
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Sports broadcaster Keith Olbermann casually dropped that he and Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema dated - while criticizing her in a tweet.

On Monday, Olbermann, 63, condemned the Democratic Senator for embracing "the Political Industry" after Mitch McConnell (R-KY) publicly praised Sinema during an event where she introduced McConnell.

"When we dated, in 2010-11, Kyrsten was a legit progressive, far to my left," Olbermann wrote. "Now she has embraced the Political Industry TM where there is only process, not policy, and never people. Perfect solution: she can be the next host of @MeetThePress."

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The tweet shocked people who had no idea the two dated.

"Hold up lol. You guys dated back then?" John asked.


Sinema and Olbermann began trending on Twitter shortly after Olbermann's tweet.

Online, people joked about the way Olbermann casually announcing he dated the Arizona Senator while also roasting her.

Journalist Sam Mintz collected a series of old tweets from Olbermann where he spoke about Sinema.

The sports broadcaster had actually revealed he and the Arizona Senator had dated in some previous tweets while also criticizing her -similar to Monday's tweet.

While announcing his podcast in August, Olbermann wrote he would be speaking about his "dates with Kyrsten Sinema" in a tweet.

In one tweet, Olbermann referred to Sinema as "Princess Sinema".

In another tweet, Olbermann called for Sinema to "resign or be removed immediately" from the Senate after establishing himself as "the person who first gave her national television exposure".

Olbermann addressed the online frenzy about he and Sinema's past relationship in a follow-up tweet.

"For a long time I believed - and held to a preference - that there was no need to make the dating part public. The friendship preceded and followed it for a span of 7 years; I thought it was sufficient context. Turns out it wasn't."

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