Kylie Minogue accused of being an 'illuminati puppet' by conspiracy theorists

Kylie Minogue accused of being an 'illuminati puppet' by conspiracy theorists
Kylie Minogue is ready to release her ‘Tension’

Conspiracy theorists believe that Kylie Minogue is being used as an "Illuminati puppet" after making a comeback with her new single, 'Padam Padam'.

The run-up to her 16th album Tension has already caused a storm among theorists, who believe there's more to the so-called symbolism than meets the eye.

The album cover shows the 55-year-old holding a diamond up to one of her eyes. A pose that many conspiracy theorists believe is associated with the Illuminati.

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Of course, there is no evidence that the Australian popstar worships the devil – but they ran with it anyway.

Some Twitter users lost their minds over the cover, with one passionate user writing: "I loved Kylie Minogue I made excuses for her, but her latest album is in-your-face Illuminati symbolism from one-eye cover to dancing in devil red on the debris of Western Civilization in the 'Padam Padam' video. Looking back, it was there from the start, on 'I Should Be So Lucky'".

Another added: "Oh dear! So the illuminati has a new toy puppet, and she’s a pop princess! Caution lovers. Be kind, enjoy her music but don’t be led. Your choice is free."

Many more poked fun at the claims, with one tagging the star herself, writing: "Love the song. Sucks you’re getting slammed for being Satanic. Like? Aren’t we all? Illuminati is soooo 2006."

Meanwhile, a third person joked: "If Kylie Minogue was really part of the Illuminati then she would get the respect that she deserves."

Kylie Minogue - Padam Padam (Official Video)www.youtube.com

Illuminati claims are nothing new, with the likes of Beyonce and Sam Smith being tarnished with the same brush.

Even the Church of Satan believes social media is getting out of hand, with Bill M saying he "can't believe the holy-rollers keep taking the bait," describing them as "so passé" to Indy100.

"I really have no idea where these Illuminati believers are getting their information on 'Satanism' and 'Satanic ritual' from," the Magister of the Church of Satan said. "It's certainly not from any actual Satanic literature."

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