Louise Mensch has somehow tried to defend David Cameron over 'pig gate'

Those waking up on Monday 21 September, threw open the curtains and gazed upon a whole new world.

A world in which allegations Prime Minister David Cameron "put a private part of his anatomy" into a dead pig's mouth while at university exist.

It's pig gate. It's the bae of pigs. It's David Hameron. Nothing will be the same again.

However, the Daily Mail story, serialising a new, unauthorised biography of Cameron, got even more bizarre when former Conservative MP for Corby Louise Mensch weighed into the topic.

Story tosh. But pretend isn't. Student gets drunk takes out todger, does something regrettable w/ inanimate object. Also, Pope Catholic

  • Louise Mensch, 2015

A number of her tweets have since been deleted, but this screen shot captures the moment Mensch called a pig an "inanimate object" and questioned whether any journalists had done the same...


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