Love is Blind star begs Taylor Swift to stop watching show after Travis Kelce impression

Love is Blind star begs Taylor Swift to stop watching show after Travis Kelce impression
Video: Chelsea from "Love is Blind" on her relationship with Jimmy now
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Travis Kelce is a fan of the reality series Love Is Blind,, but one contestant was left "mortified" when she discovered the NFL player did an impression of her on his podcast.

On the New Heightspodcast hosted by Travis and his older brother Jason Kelce, the topic turned to the popular Netflix series where singletons try to find a match and fall in love without ever seeing each other face-to-face.

“Jason, you have to watch ‘Love Is Blind,’ Travis said as he attempted to convince his brother.

“It is the worst trash ever. It’s worse than ‘Catching Kelce’ but it is so f****** good. Honestly, I just want you to watch the one girl,” he added referring to contestant Chelsea Blackwell whose photo appeared on screen. “And just hear her.”

To which Jason replied: “I’m not watching,”

Travis then decided to have a go at impersonating Blackwell as he altered his voice: “You think I’m clingy? I’m clingy? Really?”

Since then the podcast clip has been making rounds online, and of course Chelsea herself has seen it too.

After landing in Nashville, she took to TikTok and said: “I just got the most mortifying news. I feel like I need to crawl under a rock at this point because Travis Kelce did an impersonation of me.”

She added how the Kansas City Chief tight end only knows her as the “whining like a baby back b****."

As a fan of Travis's girlfriend, pop star Taylor Swift, Chelsea also had a message for the Anti-Hero singer.

“Taylor Swift...if you’re watching it with him, please stop,” she said at the end of the video with a laugh.


Travis just stop where you are at 🛑🛑 #loveisblind #loveisblindseason6 #lib #traviskelce @Travis Kelce @Taylor Swift

Meanwhile, Chelsea also left a comment on the clip shared on the New Heights podcast Instagram page where she warned Jason not to listen to his brother and avoid watching the show she's in.

The flight attendant wrote: “JASON. I repeat…don’t do it 😂.”

Elsewhere, Chelsea became a viral topic of conversation when she said to contestant Jimmy Presnell she gets told "all the time" that she looks like Megan Fox due to her "dark hair and blue eyes," but added that she didn't see the resemblance herself.

Some viewers think this comment influenced Jimmy's decision since upon meeting for the first time and getting engaged, he said Chelsea "lied" to him.

“She definitely lied to me about some, uh, how she looked. Chelsea told me she looked like Megan Fox. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. I am very attracted to her. I can work with that," Jimmy said in the series.

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