Unflattering Travis and Jason Kelce meme goes viral

Unflattering Travis and Jason Kelce meme goes viral
Jason Kelce beats out brother Travis for spot in People's 'Sexiest Man …
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Since they began dating, singer Taylor Swift and American football player Travis Kelce have become one of the most talked about couples on the planet.

With the extra publicity, people have started to pay more attention to Kelce’s family, including his brother Jason Kelce, who also happens to be an American football star.

Jason Kelce plays centre for the Philadelphia Eagles and was recently the subject of Kelce – Amazon Prime's most-watched documentary in the United States.

In addition to being a documentary star, the football player was also listed as a finalist in People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive competition.

The fact that Jason beat his younger brother Travis has not escaped people as they began to make some comments about the pair’s achievements.

One X/Twitter user shared a picture of the two brothers from when they played football in college at the University of Cincinnati and wrote, “One of these guys was a finalist for sexiest man alive and the other is dating Taylor Swift”.

The post has been viewed almost 5 million times and prompted a whole slew of comments on the brothers and their appearance.

“They clearly believed their mom when she said they could be anything they wanted,” one person wrote.

Another said: “They look like Draco Malfoy’s henchmen.”

Someone else wrote: “Dream big fellas. Reach for the stars. You never know what you’re truly capable of until you give it a shot.”

But, another argued, “both are Super Bowl champs, future hall of famers, and arguably the best to ever do it in their respective positions”.

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