I don’t want a lot for Christmas, but a sweet interaction between beloved singers Mariah Carey and Jane McDonald is one thing I – and indeed, the whole of Twitter – needed.

Thanks to some comments made on Friday’s episode of Gogglebox, we got it, after a video clip of cast member Pete talking about Ms Carey was posted online.

Reacting to Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues on Apple TV+, he said: “You know what this reminds me of, this? …  An American-style Jane McDonald.”

“She is. She’s America’s Jane,” replied sister and co-star Sophie.

Somehow we didn’t think Ms Carey would pay much attention to a show based around us watching other people watching TV, but on Saturday she replied: “I’m America’s Jane?! Thank you gorgeous!”

Not long afterwards, Ms McDonald – who found fame on the BBC documentary The Cruise – responded: “Wow! Well I must be the UK’s Mariah!

“Merry Christmas Mariah.”

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We still haven’t gotten over this interaction – and neither has Twitter:

Of course, the interaction has led to some pleading for a festive collaboration:

That truly would be a Christmas gift. Take it away, ladies…

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