Mariah Carey's weird response to her own error-strewn performance has set the tone for 2017

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Mariah Carey has responded with indifference over her poor New Year's Eve performance.

To close 2016, the singer was chosen as the headline act before the famous Times Square ball dropped at midnight.

Thousands gathered in the famous New York plaza, and millions watched on TV.

According to Fox News 25, an aide to Carey asked what time exactly the New Year's Eve ball would drop.

Further foul ups were evident.

She "sang" Auld Lang Syne, as one does at New Years.

You could call it a lip sync but that would be inaccurate, because her lips weren't synchronised with the music.

There were problems with the audio - Carey stated she was unable to hear the music the audience could hear.

These problems were ongoing.

Carey finished her performance with "We Belong Together", and then walked off stage, saying to the crowd:

It just don’t get any better.

The morning after, having reflected on much of the abuse and mirth she'd been greeted with on Twitter, Carey showed once again why she dominates in her field:

Zero '2016's given.

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