Artemis 1: NASA aims for second try at Moon rocket launch on ...

Star Warslegend Mark Hamill didn't hesitate to mock ring-wing commentator and DailyWire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro after he claimed "lesbians on the moon" sounded like "bad pornography."

In the latest episode of The Ben Shapiro Show podcast, Shapiro discussed NASA's upcoming Artemis I mission to the moon.

The space agency is making a second attempt at launching the moon rocket on Saturday (3 September) after the technical issues quelled an initial effort.

Shapiro strangely equated the cancellation of Artemis I's initial launch to what he called President Joe Biden's "equity agenda," which would "infuse every area of his administration," including NASA.

He put the blame on hypothetical Biden-appointed lesbians working for the government space agency for the rocket's first failed launch attempt.

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This is patently untrue, and NASA had already stated the problem was with one of the rocket's four engines.

Shapiro also failed to realise that Artemis I is an uncrewed mission.

"The really important thing is that, when we do go to the moon, we have to have a lesbian on the moon," Shapiro said before reiterating in a sing-song voice.

"Lesbians on the moon! This is what we need. It sounds like a bad pornography."

Once this video hit social media, Hamill, who played legendary Jedi Master Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, took to his Twitter to complain that so-called "lesbians on the moon" was Ben Shapiro's take on a bad porn film,

"To be perfectly clear, please define what sounds like good pornography to you," Hamill wrote.

One person wrote: "Sexuality has nothing to do with space travel. It has quite an important amount to do with inclusion, diversity, and representation, which should be aspects of every endeavor paid for with the people's money."

"Like is it even important that the women are lesbian? Isn't it about the job? Why is their sexuality topic Nr. 1, AGAIN?! This all starts to annoy me. Who is Ben Shapiro, anyway....," another added.

A third wrote: "Well, also, does he think astronauts are flying up there to have sex? Because being a legit astronaut 100% guarantees you can get laid just about anywhere on earth. They don't have to go to the moon."

Others on the platform pointed out how Shapiro ignored the truth of queer people being a part of space exploration. Many named Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, who also happened to be lesbian.

"The late Sally Ride would like a word.

"(Actually, as a woman of character and dignity, she wouldn't stoop to engage with Shapiro.)" one added.

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