Meet the amputee singer set to be the real 'winner' of X Factor

Channel 4 is thought to be shelling out around £200,000 to hijack this weekend's final of The X Factor.

It has bought one of the most premium slots in the UK TV advertising calendar to showcase Viktoria Modesta, an alternative pop singer set to feature in a new Channel 4 show Born Risky.

British singer-songwriter Viktoria had a below-the-knee amputation aged 20 after difficulties at birth left her with a damaged leg.

A preview of her song Prototype, the full video of which you can see below, will be shown during an ad break on The X Factor.

Channel 4 said Viktoria challenged the accepted ideals of sex and beauty, in a music industry beset with identikit singers.

Pop stars these days are painfully dull and manufactured. She is the perfect partner for Born Risky and Channel 4 as she embodies our governmental remit of championing alternative voices and establishing new talent.

  • Chris Bovill and John Allison, heads of 4Creative

Viktoria, who went into modelling and music after her operation and featured in the closing ceremony of the 2012 Paralympic Games, said: "I want people to feel new feelings that they didn't know they had. The time for boring ethical discussions around disability is over. It's only through feelings of admiration, aspiration, curiosity and envy that we can move forward."

You can follow Viktoria on Twitter here, and see the full video for Prototype below. Make sure you watch the spike dance at the end.

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