Sexist conspiracy spreads online about Natalie Portman's arms being CGI in new Thor film

Sexist conspiracy spreads online about Natalie Portman's arms being CGI in new Thor film
Just how much did Natalie Portman train to get ripped for 'Thor'?
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Thor: Love and Thunder has finally been released in cinemas – and despite being well received by Marvel fans across the world, social media soon turned their attention to something quite bizarre: Natalie Portman's arms.

The actress, who plays The Mighty Thor in the hotly anticipated movie, has found herself the subject of a rather sexist conspiracy theory. Sceptical viewers are convinced Portman's body transformation is a result of CGI (computer-generated images) rather than the nine-month gym grind she previously opened up about to prepare for the role.

Theories started before the release when a behind-the-scenes video was shared and Portman was spotted with motion-capture dots on her arms. The conspiracies were baselessly birthed from the fact she's a woman and vegan. Interestingly, her co-star Chris Hemsworth also wore the dots, but very few commented about his transformation.

One Twitter user theorised: "They probably had to CGI her arms to make them look thicker because Natalie Portman is a skinny vegan girl," while one TikTok user accused Portman of lying in an interview, adding: "It was actually CGI Queen."

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Despite the baseless theories, the star and her personal trainer told Women's Health how she geared up for the role.

"[Thor training] involved a lot less cardio and a lot heavier weights than I’ve ever done,’ she told the outlet. "Because I’ve never tried to bulk up before."

Portman said she "had to eat as much protein as possible for the first time," adding that she's glad to see the back of protein shakes.

She said: "I felt the strongest I’ve ever felt and the most physically balanced ever,

"Before, I was much weaker on my left side, but Naomi worked with me to strengthen those muscles."

"I’ve continued with the daily sit-to-stands because Naomi told me it helps with lifespan."

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