Paris Hilton publicly shamed for waiting a month to change her son's nappy

Paris Hilton publicly shamed for waiting a month to change her son's nappy
Paris Hilton found it "difficult" to turn to a surrogate
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Paris Hilton has been criticised on social media for admitting that she didn't attempt to change her son's nappy until a month after his birth.

In an episode for her reality TV series 'Paris in Love', the 42-year-old American socialite confessed that she'd been "scared" to tackle the task.

The viral clip showed Paris introducing her son Phoenix to her sister Nicky who is a mum of three, where the topic comes up in conversation.

“Should I learn how to change his diaper?” Paris asks, to which Nicky replies incredulously: "You’ve never done it?"

Before carrying him to his changing table, Paris lovingly tells her baby: “I said I wouldn’t do this on my birthday, but I will for you.”

Nicky along with Phoenix's nanny Gena then shows Paris how to change a nappy, with Paris asking the nanny which side of the nappy is the front, and which side is the back.

One TikTok account posted the excerpt, accompanied by the caption: "Not Paris learning how to change her [son’s] diaper for the first time after a month,” with cry-laughing emojis.


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Since posting the video, people have flocked to the comments to criticise Paris as being "out of touch with reality."

One person said: "Wow… I love Paris but that is actually extremely sad. No bonding time."

"Rich people are so out of touch with reality this is real sad," another wrote.

Someone else added: "Hard to watch the discomfort and disconnection."

"This is blowing my mind lol. I can’t even imagine never doing this for a whole month!!! Is this common for rich ppl??!" a fourth person asked.

Still, some defended Paris, noting how everyone's motherhood journey is different, and conceding that they wouldn't change nappies if they had a nanny.

One person wrote: "These judgmental comments are breaking my heart for all of the women who are feeling relief in relating to her fear and confusion."

"It’s probably how Paris was raised, almost totally by nannies, it’s all she knows," another said.

Someone else added: "I'm so confused by these comments, who wouldn't outsource diaper changes if they had the funds?"

"She’s learning and that’s what matters. For some women it doesn’t come naturally at first," a fourth commented.

Meanwhile, Paris recently welcomed her second child, a daughter named London via surrogate and announced the birth on November 23.

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