Piers Morgan wasn’t invited to the An Audience With Adeleconcert special but he decided to criticise the singer anyway — resulting in him getting heavily roasted online.

Adele recently released her long-awaited new album 30, and the singer commemorated the milestone with a special performance at the London Palladium. This marked her first live UK performance in four years, so it was a pretty big deal.

In attendance were Adele’s adoring fans, friends, family, and even a few of the A-lister’s celebrity friends such as Samuel L. Jackson, Dua Lipa and Emma Thompson – but Morgan did not join them.

A fact which Morgan seems to be pretty upset about to say the least.

Morgan bitterly tweeted, “If I was at this #AnAudienceWithAdele, I’d ask her two questions: 1) Does the unctuous sycophancy from your celebrity fans make you want to vomit? 2) How come you’re singing more perfectly ‘live’ than on your records? *This probably explains why I wasn’t invited.”

Oh, Piers.

Fans immediately jumped at the opportunity to mock Morgan’s lack of invitation to the event.

“You weren’t invited because you a nobody! So off you trot again and go and crawl under your stone,” wrote one user.

Another tweet read, “Tell me you’re livid you weren’t invited to #AnAudienceWithAdele without telling me you’re livid.”

“This man has a wife and a daughter but is Forever dragging a woman down!! Sitting behind your keyboard and berating any woman in the spotlight i beg just STOP!,” read another.

It seems as though the comments might have gotten through to Morgan as he later backtracked and chalked up his previous tweet to “minor irritations,” sharing more positive feedback on Adele’s show.

Minor irritations aside, there’s no doubt that @Adele is the best singer in the world right now & right up there with Barbra & Whitney as possessor of the best set of pipes in pop history. Just a shame she’s a Spurs fan. #AnAudienceWithAdele.”

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