A woman asked other women how they deal with not being 'pretty' and a man - yes, a man - had the perfect response


Something amazing has happened on the Internet.

A random man on Reddit has given some genuinely impressive and important advice to a woman.

Taking to the subreddit AskWomen, a now-deleted user asked the following question:

The post goes into detail about how she feels 'jealous' of women who are born beautiful and that she will never be pretty.

She was curious to know what other women felt about this and the post caught the attention of a lot of people.

However, one reply stood out more than the others, a reply from SavageHenry0311.

People really resonated with what the man said and they all responded extremely positively to his input:

It just goes to show that sometimes you'd find genuinely good advice in the most unlikely of places - from a man.

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