People are calling this extract from Prince Harry's book 'a Freudian nightmare'

People are calling this extract from Prince Harry's book 'a Freudian nightmare'
Prince Harry reveals he took bespoke penis pillow to South Pole after …

Someone call Sigmund Freud, we have allegations of an Oedipus complex on our hands.

An extract from Prince Harry’s autobiography Spare has people cringing as it strings together the Duke of Sussex’s penis with his mother.

Twitter user Dominic Wakeford shared a small part of chapter 43 with the world by posting a clip of Harry reading Spare in its audiobook format.

The chapter in question includes his experience at his brother Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton where he got frostbite on his penis.

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In the clip, Harry explains that a friend recommended a home ready to fix the chilly situation - apply Elizabeth Arden cream.

But it just so happens that Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, used the same cream on her lips.

“I found the tube and the minute I opened it, the smell transported me through time,” Harry said. “I felt as if my mother was right there in the room and I took a smidge and applied it down there.”

The sentence took people by surprise as many probably did not expect to hear about the Duke’s mother and his frostbitten member in the same sentence.

“This book is a Freudian nightmare,” Wakeford wrote.

Freud notoriously coined the Oedipus complex theory based on Sophocles’ book Oedipus Rex. It suggests that at a point in every young boy’s life, they unconsciously want to have sex with their mother and temporarily rejects their father for having sex with their mother.

However, there is little scientific evidence to support the Oedipus complex so there likely isn’t any other deeper meaning to Harry’s story other than a poor choice in wording.

But that didn't stop people from mocking the Duke of Sussex for using the familiar smell of his mother to fix his situation - and then writing about it in his memoir.




Somehow, that is not the first or last mention of Harry's penis in the book.

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