Rick Ross reveals he's been left with seizures after he 'partied hard' and drank lean

Rick Ross reveals he's been left with seizures after he 'partied hard' and drank lean
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American rapper Rick Ross has opened up about his health and lifestyle after suffering a heart attack in 2018, revealing he had to make “big changes”.

The 47-year-old rose to fame in 2008 thanks to his smash hit track Hustlin’ and has since come to be known as an influential figure in hip hop.

With his wealth, he has accumulated some strange material items, including some pet buffalo and a mansion littered with clothes and shoes.

But, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the rapper admitted to being in poor health in past years. When asked about his health, he explained, “I had to make some big changes”,

Ross explained: “I still don’t sleep. I’m a partier. I’m gonna be that way till I die. I’ve tried taking things to help, but it’s useless. The medicine that I take now is for seizures and s**t like that. I partied hard.”

The rapper said one of his biggest habits was drinking lean – a recreational drug that is made by mixing prescription medicine with a drink – but, it led him to suffering seizures.

“When you have a seizure, you wake up six hours later like, ‘Where am I?’ I still don’t want to sleep. I lay down for two or three hours, but then I’ll get up.

“Six hours is good for me. An hour is a wonderful nap for me. If I lay down for an hour, I can get up and play a football game,” Ross explained.

He added that, while he’s never had diabetes or used the diabetes drug Ozempic to lose weight, he has had to cut out sodas and stop his habit of eating full meals in the middle of the night.

The rapper revealed, “One of my worst habits was, I’d be up in the middle of the night eating T-bone steaks and ordering Waffle House. The chef would make some s**t for us at 2 a.m., and we’d want spaghetti, lasagna, and some lamb chops, and some garlic rolls, for no reason.

“And that’s what we’re eating in the middle of the night! So, for me to get up to 350 pounds, once I stopped that, I’m fittin’ to chill.”

The rapper admitted in a 2017 appearance on Dr. Oz that there was a period in 2011 when he was having back-to-back seizures.

He explained, “I went hard,” adding, “It didn't seem as bad to me because the majority of the time I would be putting in work. The other time I would be partying, and the rest of the time it kind of blended. And that went on for years and years and years. I just developed those certain patterns”.

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