Ricky Gervais thinks neither Depp or Heard will come out of trial as 'a win'

Ricky Gervais thinks neither Depp or Heard will come out of trial as 'a win'
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The highly publicised Johnny Depp v Amber Heard defamation trial is due to come to an end this week, but comedian Ricky Gervais believes neither of them “win”.

The six-week hearing, broadcast live to the world, has seen testimony from high profile figures such as Ellen Barkin and Kate Moss, with many more listed as witnesses in the case.

Fans have closely followed the case from the start as it’s been televised – a point that Gervais thinks is bizarre.

Speaking to comedian and journalist Adam Glyn after the release of his controversial Netflix special, Gervais said: “I stay away from all that, I don't really look at that celebrity stuff, even though this isn't celebrity [stuff] is it – but I try not to have it in my head.

“I don't think either of them are going to come out of it as a win because all of your private stuff... I don't know.

“I’d hate having to go through it and it's even weirder that they televise a court case [something those in the UK aren't accustomed to]. So I don't really do that stuff.”

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Depp is suing Heard for $50 million over an op-ed Heard penned for the Washington Post in 2018 in which she claimed to be a survivor of domestic abuse.

Depp was unnamed in the piece, but the public and media outlets assumed he was the perpetrator.

Gervais and Depp have starred together when Depp made a cameo appearance in Gervais and Stephen Merchant's Life's Too Short.

The pair have also made each other's acquaintance at appearances at Golden Globes and on The Graham Norton Show.

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