The Cure's Robert Smith (almost) predicted the exact date the Queen would die

The Cure's Robert Smith (almost) predicted the exact date the Queen would die
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Since the Queen's death on September 8, TikTok has been taken over with videos on the historic moment and one of them tells the story of how The Cure's Robert Smith almost predicted the date of the monarch's passing a decade ago.

The frontman of the English rock band was interviewed at the Hurricane Festival in Germany back in 2012. The topic of the royal family came up in the 30-minute conversation as Smith described how he has "always hated the royal family."

Near the end of the discussion, the interviewer noted how the Queen is "as popular as never before" but Smith decided to provide a prediction for the future, and said: "The Queen’s gonna die on September 7th, and there’ll be a huge uprising, and I’ll be made king."

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Although Smith was joking and was 10 years out from his prediction (though technically he didn't specify what year), he was eerily close to the day and month the Queen passed away - only one day out.

Since the Queen's death, the clip has resurfaced on TikTok where creator Morgan (@filthyciggy) shared the singer's prediction and said: "I'm sorry, are we just going to collectively ignore the fact that Robert Smith basically predicted today, 10 years ago?"

"He was off by a day," she said with a shocked look on her face and added in the caption: "this feels prophetic."


this feels prophetic #greenscreenvideo #robertsmith #thecure #thequeen

The video has since received more than 1.3m views, 243,000 likes and thousands of comments from people who were stunned by this prediction from Smith and some had theories of their own too.

One person wrote: "WHATTTT."

"Or maybe he wasn't off by a date and she died very late last night but they weren't ready to announce," another person said.

Someone else added: "Okay but the uprising part."

"She could have actually passed late on the 7th and wasn’t officially pronounced deceased until the 8th. Wow wild prediction either way," a fourth person commented.

Though since Charles III was proclaimed King on Saturday morning (September 10), Smith's jokey prediction about being made king wasn't as accurate.

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