Ryan Reynolds has hilarious trick to ‘fix’ his daughter’s ‘Baby Shark’ obsession

Ryan Reynolds has hilarious trick to ‘fix’ his daughter’s ‘Baby Shark’ obsession
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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively continue to be the most relatable celebrities as they have gone to battle with the nemesis of parents everywhere: Baby Shark.

The couple’s one-year-old daughter, Betty, has, like many other children, become obsessed with the yellow cartoon Baby Shark that accompanies the ‘earworm’ song with the same name.

Posting on Instagram, actor Reynolds shared a novel solution to his problem that involved the back catalogue of his fellow actor wife, Lively.

In the post, he wrote: “My one year old daughter is obsessed with Baby Shark. All day. Every day. There’s only one way to fix this.”

Alongside the caption, he posted three images of his wife Lively’s 2016 horror film, The Shallows

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In the film, the actress plays surfer Nancy who becomes stranded off the coast and finds herself in a life or death battle with a great white shark.

Lively shared the post on her Instagram stories, writing: “…Well at least they’ll have ample content for therapy.”

Fans found the idea hilarious, with one writing, “you kill me”.

One person commented: “Well that’s one way to introduce her to mommy’s movies.”

Another joked: “‘Baby shark grew up, and tried to eat mommy! Do you still love baby shark?’”

Lively also referenced another thriller movie she’s in, should they need to employ the tactic again in future.

She commented on her husband’s post: “She’s gonna love Savages.”

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