Ryan Reynolds, everyone’s favourite social media celeb, is now on TikTok (but there’s a specific reason)

<p>(Left) Ryan Reynolds in his first TikTok lip-synching (Right) His second TikTok referencing his club Wrexham County FC</p>

(Left) Ryan Reynolds in his first TikTok lip-synching (Right) His second TikTok referencing his club Wrexham County FC


Ryan Reynolds, who has made us laugh for a long time with his Twitter and Instagram posts, has finally brought his comedic prowess to TikTok.

The Proposal and Deadpool star christened his new TikTok profile with a video of himself performing a passionate lip-synching rendition of “I Swear” by All-4-One, along with the caption: “I swear you will be disappointed by this account.” You can watch the video in full here.

Film fans will know that this is a reference to a scene from Reynolds’ 2005 romantic comedy Just Friends.

His character Chris Brander famously sang “I Swear” in the mirror at the beginning of the film when thinking about his high school crush and friend Jamie Palamino (Amy Smart).

(Left) Reynolds recreating his famous scene (Right) in Just Friends TikTok/vancityreynolds and New Line Cinema

The actor has already received 21m views on this video alone and accumulated more than 3.3m followers within a day of joining the platform.

But, there appears to be another reason that he has joined TikTok.

On Wednesday, the app was announced as an official sponsor for Reynolds’ Welsh football team, Wrexham County AFC, that he co-owns with American actor Rob McElhenney.

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star made his TikTok debut at the same time as Reynolds – so it’s definitely no coincidence. The pair bought the club in November last year, after receiving the backing from supporters.

TikTok is sponsoring the team’s football shirts while Ifor Williams Trailers is sponsoring the team’s shorts. Of course, Wrexham County AFC also has its own TikTik profile too, where Reynolds and McElhenney made the sponsorship announcement.

The video begins with Reynolds asking: “Are you looking for something special for your horse this year?”

McElhenney said: “Consider 20/21 line of...”

Reynolds replied: “Ifor Williams Trailers.”

Then Wrexham AFC players emerge from an Ifor Williams Trailer wearing the new sponsored kit.

McElhenney adds: “Oh ok, those are not horses.”

Reynolds replies: “Those are not horses. Oh my god, we got TikTok to sponsor our club.”

“We want everyone to know the Wrexham name and story.”

Wrexham AFC’s first TikTok post announced TikTok as their new sponsors and featured Reynolds and McElhenneyTikTok/wrexham_afc

You can watch the video in full here.

First two bona fide celebs and now TikTok – quite the double coup for Wrexham.

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