The Sesame Street feud that’s captured all of our imaginations over the past week could finally be coming to an end.

How? Well, it could be settled with a game of tennis after Naomi Osaka offered to team up with Elmo to play Zoe and Rocco.

Japanese tennis star Osaka suggested playing against Zoe and Rocco after her appearance on the show.

But wait - what’s the deal with the Sesame Street spat?

Over the last few days, a long-running rivalry between iconic puppet Elmo and Zoe’s pet rock Rocco has taken over Twitter. 

The row appears to have started in 2004 following a disagreement over who would get the last oatmeal raisin cookie. When Zoe said Elmo couldn’t have the treat because Rocco wanted it, Elmo launched into a tirade against the stone, and he’s shown contempt to Rocco ever since.

The feud went viral, prompting people to share their favourite Elmo moments from throughout the years.

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Hilariously, Elmo released a statement on the feud and even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson waded in, threatening to visit Sesame Street “to kick a** and eat cookies”.

During her appearance on the show, Osaka taught the other characters about melanin and highlighted the importance of wearing sunscreen.

But could we see her return to Sesame Street for a tennis match? Twitter certainly hopes so:

We can’t wait to see where this feud takes us next.

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