This guy was horrible about a girl's dress - so the internet destroyed him with cake

Last weekend, Twitter user Kerionee from New Orleans went to prom.

By all accounts, she had a great time...

... which is exactly what you would hope.

However, because this is 2016, and because women exist on the internet, one guy decided that to take Kerri's picture and do this with it:

While the poster has since said that he wasn't making fun of Kerri, just her dress, Twitter rounded on him for body-shaming a teenage girl who hadn't asked for his opinion (or skull emojis) in the first place.

The support was a great example of #blackgirlmagic.

Things took a slightly weirder turn when people starting tweeting pictures of themselves next to cheesecake lookalikes.

But #compareyourselftoacheesecake2016 has actually turned out to be one of the most brilliant hashtags we've seen in a while.

Just look at all this sweet, fruity, cheesy fabulousness.

It's fascinating.

And apparently weirdly addictive.

Down with body-shaming! Up with baked goods!

Remember, kids: there's no better way to fight hate than with cake.

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