Woman’s Tinder profile goes viral after a man’s awkward question about her appearance

A woman’s Tinder profile has gone viral after she received a very awkward message on the app about her appearance

A video shared on TikTok by use em.griffx or Emily, who is a student at Birmingham City University, shows a message she received from a man who asked her if she was an amputee because he could only see one of her arms.

The man's opening line on the dating app was "This may sound weird but are you an amputee?" Think that might have been his actual chat-up line, Emily responded with, "No, can't wait for the next line."

The man didn't seem to catch on that he'd made a faux-pas and continued along the same line of questioning. He added I was asking as a genuine question. Look at ur photos and tell me you wouldn’t think the same. You only ever have 1 arm in them."

The completely baffled 21-year-old just responded with "I'm howling." However, in a follow-up video, she did notice how the man might have made the mistake as all of her profile pictures on the app, feature her unintentionally hiding one side of her body so you could see why it would be misleading but did the man really need to ask?

Her video has since been viewed more than 700,000 time on TikTok and some have admitted that they can see why the man was easily confused. One person wrote "This is so funny, he was totally right" while another wrote, "This is probably the funniest TikTok I've ever seen, omg. I'm literally crying."

All is well that ends well then but will we ever find out if the man actually got a date or not...

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